UPDATE: WE MADE IT TO ALL 50 STATES! Thank you to all of our donors and sponsors! Our tour is complete,  and we are now preparing to edit the documentary that chronicles the 16-month Plant a Wish journey.

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To complete the feature documentary project, especially the post-production phase (hiring an editor, animator, composer), we’ll need to raise an additional total of $50,000.

CURRENT PHASE: Right now, we are raising funds to prepare our editing studio for the project and to pay for our editor, who will work for 10 weeks at $2,000 per week, totaling $20,000.

We are also seeking sponsors and individual donors to bring the film to completion.
Our film’s total budget is estimated at $100,000, half of which has been raised already via donations, sponsors, and in-kind contributions from Noni Films.

(If you are interested in funding the finishing of the Plant a Wish documentary, these donations are tax-deductible, and will be arranged through our fiscal sponsor. Contact us with any questions.)